Leather Working Tools


Will you make me a [specific species] hood?
Unfortunately we no longer accept custom pattern hood commissions for specific breeds/designs. We are a small business (just the two of us) and creating custom patterns/animals is an extensive undertaking in terms of our time/high cost for the commissioner. However, we do plan to offer custom coloration slots for masks we already have the patterns for! (i.e, a pink neoprene rottie with blue accents, or a red leather bull terrier with a black spot)
How do I get a custom coloration slot?
When we open up, we will pick one style of hood for a specific number of slot openings. This will allow our openings to happen more frequently. We will make a post on Twitter and Instagram, as well as list information on our COMMISSION tab right here on our website with a date/time of our openings.  This applies to both our NEOPRENE and LEATHER hoods.
Can you explain how that works?
Lets say we open up for 3 slots. We will make an announcement 1-2 weeks prior with the date and time of our opening, as well as the hood type that will be chosen. Example:  "We will be opening  on [date] for 3 custom colored neoprene Rotties! Your color options are.." Where we will then list our current available colors. (for neoprene, leather can be any color). Basic neoprene hoods will be an additional $50 for a custom. Leather customs varies.
All you have to do is submit a quote request with your design and head size (which will be found on our COMMISSION page) at the time of opening. It will NOT be first come first serve for who we pick, but we will stop accepting quotes depending on the number of applicants. We will contact those that have been picked and make an announcement stating such. If you didn't get picked, don't worry! We will be opening for these far more frequently than we've previously been able to.
When will you be open for these slot orders?
We are currently in the process of reworking some patterns for ease of assembly/cleaner designs. This will take some time and we unfortunately can not give a set date just yet. However, we will be producing pre-mades for adoption during this time!